The all new CSS colour: 'rebeccapurple' which is backed with one of the most moving stories I have heard in a long time.

So I thought I would hold off writing this post until; Eric gave confirmation for the new colour.

My sad thoughts were with Eric and his family who have lost their daughter in a fight against cancer. This is something that strikes a chord in my heart and everyone that is aware of someone who has gone through the ordeal.

I was delighted to see the web community align on this issue, which was to release a colour in the name of Eric's daughter in the CSS specification. If you don't know who by now, the Eric in mention is Eric Meyer of MeyerWeb. On the day of Rebeccas funeral the community set out to make the colour purple popular not only on social media and in donations in the fight against cancer but also to give a memorial to someone, who we all likely learned CSS from.

So I am proud to announce today that I have released a CSS rework module which gives backwards compatibility for all older browsers for CSS authors who wish to use this new colour. Which is then backed with the newly landed Webkit nightly, with further backing from IE, Chrome and FireFox.

In the event that you perhaps want to show support for cancer causes, research and charities. I think using the colour would be a brilliant symbol of a unified support for the fight against cancer. For me already this is what it means; seeing the colour already has these emotional ties to the passing of loved ones.

I hope to see further promotion of the colour and adoption and the continued care for the loved ones on the internet. My thoughts again go out to Eric and the family.